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>> Dumont d'Urville station <<

To visite the station
Pictures of the station in the years 60-70
Weather forecasting at Dumont d'Urville

It is in 1950 in Port Martin, that the first french station in Antarctic was built. After two wintering and the day before the third in 1952, this one burns during a fire poked by a violent wind.
In parallel, an additional base is built on Petrels Island in the archipelago of Point Geology where 7 people under the direction of Mario Marret will winter there, for what will be the third Adelie Coast wintering. In 1953, this station will be closed, but this one restored in particular by the 36ème mission, is always in state.
See the page about the Marret station...

The International Geophysical year in 1957-1958 launches a new dynamic. The site of Petrel Island is then retained to build there the principal base called “Dumont d'Urville” supposed being occupied during 3 years (1956 to 1958).

The Petrels Island, 900m in its bigger length for 500m in its greater width, was selected for 4 imperative reasons:
- climatic conditions definitely more favorable than to Port-Martin : less violent wind catabatic, less frequent blizzard, better visibility and a clear sky more for the scientific observations.
- possibility of building on a stable ground, existence of a beach of unloading facilitating the operations.
- possibility of access to the continent, which will facilitate the raids on the continent
- central part of the Island consisted a plate of average altitude of 40m, facilitating the scientific constructions and observations.

The french station Dumont d'Urville (of the name of the explorer which discovered the Adélie Land on January 20, 1840), is in edge of the Antarctic continent to 2 700 kms of the island of Tasmanie in the south of Australia.

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She is located at the point of the French part of the Antarctic, called the Adélie Land.


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Source : IPEV

The base is on Petrels Island to 43 m of altitude, in the small archipelago of Point Geology, to 5 kms of the Antarctic continent.

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The ice-barrier completely isolates the station from the rest of the world for 8 months and at the end of the winter this barrier of ice can reach 300 kms the broad one!

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